Introducing The Cupid Of Babysitters

What better way to start off our own wee blog than by introducing the brains (and beauty!) behind The Babysitters Club.

Georgia Meek is our founder, guru, babysitting extraordinaire, ideas machine, and inspiration for business and life. She’s also a whole lot more but we feel she’ll be blushing enough already!

The idea for The Babysitters Club began way back in 2013, when she was in her second year of her Primary School Teaching degree. Already busy with study and work, Georgia wanted a way to get more experience with children without losing the balance of her already crazy schedule. After some brainstorming action and the help of a friend, The Babysitters Club was born.

Just like any good biz story, that was only the start of the adventure.

Georgia was told it wouldn’t work, that it wasn’t a real biz idea and ‘had no future’, but luckily for parents around New Zealand, she didn’t listen. Thank goodness right!

After a year off in London and Spain as an au pair, our founding superstar came back ready to make this dream a reality. She was ready to help save parents from the stress of finding amazing babysitters so they could go out and enjoy themselves knowing their kiddos were in good hands – no small ask right?!

Her idea grabbed the attention of ‘Project Ignite’ – a summer scholarship for start-ups – giving her mentoring and a leg up to re-start The Babysitters Club properly. Over the last year it’s evolved into an app, making it easy for parents and babysitters to find one another. Now that we think about it, we should add ‘babysitting cupid’ to Georgia’s list of roles!

For Georgia the most exciting part is knowing that what she’s doing actually makes a difference in children’s lives. We all remember our favourite babysitters – they were the ones that engaged with us and weren’t afraid to play. These are the babysitters she looks for, ones that have those same value and heart for children as she does; Sitters who care about the kids more than the chance to watch Netflix, who love to play, bake, teach, explore and know how important their role is.

To find out more about Georgia, take a read of ‘our story’.