Where Did It Start?

So you’re probably all wondering, who is ‘The Babysitters Club’ and how did it come to life?

Hi, I’m Georgia. a 25 year old trained Primary School Teacher who loves children, loves helping people and is incredibly dedicated to making a promising vision become a reality.

It has always been my dream to connect people, where skills and knowledge is transferred and inspiration is formed. Whether that be from a sitter to a child or a child or parent to a sitter, it genuinely excites me to know that through our services, so many peoples lives are benefited and inspired. I love knowing that I am providing families with babysitters who have a genuine interest in children, are highly experienced and willing to go the extra mile. I have personally come from a background of teaching, so my vision is have babysitters on board who are able to make some kind of an impact on the children’s lives that they care for. Whether that be making a child laugh during a game of hide and seek, doing an inspiring arts and crafts project, or just being there and having a great conversation – we want those you care for to look back in 20 years time saying, ‘Remember how amazing that babysitter from The Babysitters Club was. We always had so much fun!’

I believe that every interaction contributes to the person you become and TBSC is an incredible service that enhances the lives of many.