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Why The Babysitters Club?

The Babysitters Club is dedicated to creating a supportive, fun and nurturing community that enhances the lives of those within. Please allow us to provide you with the opportunity to release your inner child and embrace all inspiration that will come your way. The Babysitters Club – your extended family. *Our Babysitters are all police-checked, reference-checked, and interviewed.

TBSC covers your insurance. Only $10 required for the police check.

Want more info? Check out our Babysitter Manual before booking your interview.

Book Your Interview in TODAY

Book Your Interview

Once you have read through our ‘Become A Sitter‘ manual – and understand how we work, please feel free to book an interview. Our interviews take up to 30 minutes via Skype, Facebook or Facetime. To speed up the application process, we have you place a $10 deposit through before your interview. This allows us to conduct your police-check during the interview and allows us to begin the paperwork for your insurance cover.  This $10 will only be refunded in the case that we decline your application. 

Book Your Interview in TODAY